For medical practitioners and other allied health professionals

At St George Paediatric Dental Specialists, we welcome referrals from general medical practitioners, paediatricians, ENT surgeons, speech pathologists, nurse practioners and other allied health professionals. 

We encourage all health practitioners to “lift the lip” as part of their comprehensive assessment, outlined in My First Health Record (the "Blue Book"). A simple visual inspection of the mouth and teeth can identify dental problems early and trigger conversation on ways to prevent common dental diseases such as tooth decay.

In addition to dental management of children and adolescents with dental decay, complex medical histories and special health needs, we are also able to offer surgical management of lingual ankyloglossia (tongue tie) in newborns with feeding problems and children with functional and/or speech problems.

For all newborns with feeding issues associated with lingual ankyloglossia please contact us on (02) 9588 1663 to ensure treatment is carried out in a timely fashion.

For all other referrals please advise parents to contact us for an appointment.