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How can I establish healthy dental habits for my child at home?

Regular tooth brushing is important in the prevention of dental decay and gum disease. For most children, we recommend twice-daily brushing in the morning and before bed.  Parent-assisted brushing is recommended until a child is able to tie his or her own shoelaces.  Even after a child gets his or her “toothbrush licence”, parental supervision is still recommended until he or she is able to maintain good oral hygiene.

It is not unusual for children to show resistance to brushing and/or flossing, whether by their parents or on their own. Most parents who begin regular tooth cleaning as soon as their child’s first tooth appears will find less resistance to parent-assisted brushing.  However, each child’s temperament is unique, and we can help you establish healthy habits at home.

In addition to establishing good tooth brushing habits, regular check-ups are still important. The risk of developing oral disease (most commonly dental decay) changes throughout infancy, school-age and into adolescence, at our practice we will review your child’s changing medical and dental history to maintain optimal oral health.